Christine Rauh wins Isang Yun International Competition

First Prize and Special Prize for her outstanding Isang Yun interpretation goes to Christine Rauh. Congrats!

The Korea Times

“I’m so glad I won just this very competition; I got to know Isang Yun’s music many years ago and it drew me into its spell. My fascination continued to grow and I discovered my foible for East Asian culture. Yun joins two worlds, the Eastern tradition and the modern Western music. A highly topical subject, since just this is an essential feature of modern society: opening borders, inclusiveness and merging cultures; we would know this from many different areas of life. Yun makes this the theme of his music, and this is what inspired me from the start. I love cosmopolitanism, it creates new symbioses. That is why I also appreciate Isang Yun and am a big fan of his music. This music is deeply sustainable.”

Listen to Christine Rauh playing ‘Espace I’ by Isang Yun.

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Christine personally presents her new album

Listen here:

CD available on iTunes CD availabe on Amazon

This album marks a very personal statement. Christine put together a team of classic and jazz musicians resulting in a very diversified and exciting album. Most of the tracks on this release are world premiere recordings.

Christine Rauh - Classic 'n' Jazz Album

Christine Rauh makes guest appearance at
SWR “Kleine Ohren”

The education programme “Kleine Ohren” of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern makes unknown music come to life: Christine Rauh plays the cello concerto of Ukrainian composer Nikolai Kapustin. SWR2 music editor Sabine Fallenstein talked to her.

Look ‘n’ listen

Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

Cello + Beats – watch Christine here

Get Lucky! Christine plays her cover version for cello + beatbox

Christine Rauh moderates at


Christine Rauh at

Christine Rauh moderates the entertaining show ‘Opera Box’ where she presents Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of Figaro”.
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